Your Shirt Specialist

Since 1968, Goldlion has focused on bringing elegant and timeless mens shirts to the market.

From being the first Hong Kong menswear brand to enter the China market in 1984, to becoming an internationally acclaimed brand in 2011,
the progress over the years brought new inspirations while never forgetting the brand’s commitment to quality and design.

Our Shirts-Making Process

From the selection of raw materials, to fabric, pattern-making and assembling of our shirts,
every process and step is detailed to ensure the highest quality shirts produced.


Our Commitment


Patented Shirt-Making Technology

Our shirt-making technologies are progressively innovative to keep up with the needs and lifestyles of urban men.
Taking into consideration the busy urbanite life, our Research & Development team has developed a series of 3-Dimensional,
wrinkle-free performance workwear that is hassle-free and easy care. Our 3D Wrinkle-Free technology is one-of-a-kind in the market
and has been certified by the Guangzhou Inspection Testing and Certification Group for high quality businesswear.

Goldlion 3D Wrinkle-Free
Technology Innovation Certificate

Advanced Standard Certificate
for Goldlion's Business Shirts